Our Story

At Jungle Kitchen, we bring you a carefully sourced and curated collection of the best tropical vegan ingredients sustainably sourced, prepared and packaged. We want to share everything with you - the popular, the lesser known and all completely delicious that our corner(s) of the tropical world has to offer.

  • It's a literal journey into the forests, fields and kitchens of South East Asia. We are looking to discover - flavors, ingredients, dishes and styles that haven’t been presented to global audiences.

    This is why you will find Kohila in our JUNGLE JACK mine. Kohila is a super food and powerful soil restorer grown on the fringes on Sri Lanka's rice fields - there is as yet no English translation for the fibrous vegetable. It is barely known even in India or South East Asia.

  • Our production facilities have been owned and operated by women for 3 generations building on decades of knowledge, passion and love.

    We believe this is significant because historically women, while doing an enormous amount of work in the food space have reaped very little of the financial rewards.

    Women are a huge source of farm labor. They also prepare and cook the food yet in almost every part of the world they sit at the bottom of the agricultural value chain.

    Most major food and food processing businesses are owned and led by men - and it's important for female led ventures to operate and succeed in the space. We bring our own perspectives, creativity and experience to the table. We in turn can work to empower other female entrepreneurs and growers in the space.

  • From our design aesthetic to our team, we are dedicated to raising Asian representation in the space by reclaiming produce and profits that have long been unfairly distributed with our Asian farmers and cooks getting a significantly smaller portion.

    We also work with small farm-holders. For our Jackfruit products, for example, we ensure not to source from mono-culture farms. Our jackfruit is grown in agri forest plots with jack fruit trees planted next to Mango and spice trees providing a viable habitat for birds, monkeys, and other small mammals and reptiles.

  • We are already working on our next two ranges because we want to answer this question. With changes in trade patterns, the climate, demand for healthier, more nutritious food, what we eat is going to change.

    At Jungle Kitchen we believe people across Asia - will be eating more vegetables, more diverse types of fruits and vegetables, less processed food and more locally sourced food. Today if you go to any supermarket in Singapore you see so many fruits imported from Europe, Australia and China - we know that's not good for freshness or for the climate.

  • All our products are plant based and vegan. This is because we believe that plant based diets are more sustainable in terms of their impact on the environment and also because we feel that there is a wider world of fruits, leaves and vegetables to explore more.

    But Jungle Kitchen isn't a vegan brand, it's a brand for everyone looking for delicious food.

    Our food is delicious first - vegan second and your goal while catering to the plant-based and vegan communities is to encourage more people who aren't vegan or vegetarian to to make one or two snacks and meals a day - plant based.

    We believe that for long term change and sustainability more people eating less meat can have more impact than a smaller number of people becoming vegetarian. Success would be when we stop referring to plant-based options as alternative proteins but instead recognise them as original protein sources.